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The polyculture orchard, part 1 5

In the early spring of 2015 my initial 350 rootstocks arrived, these are the primary trees that are forming my 5 acre polyculture orchard in cork, ireland. The primary tree crop in this orchard is apples but there are also pears, plums and cherries, these are the backbone of the system but there are many […]

Making the case for larger transplants.

A few months back i came across Paul Kaiser of Singing Frogs Farm in California, he is doing fantastic things with true no-till,small scale, vegetable farming. There are several you tube videos of talks he has given and one thing he mentioned really got me thinking. Paul talked about growing large transplants, he produces most […]

Why we don’t till or dig here. 19

Since the invention of the plow, nutrient density has plummeted. Plowing destroys soil habitat, exposes soil to erosion and leaching and oxidises soil carbon. The advent of the tractor made plowing easier on a large scaleand more destructive leading to an increased loss of topsoil and further reducing nutrient density. The process of soil degradation […]